Bendix King KN64 DME 066-1088-00

  • $389.00

The King KN-64 DME represents a compromise between the KN-62 and KN-62A DMEs. It is a current production model, like the KN-62A, but typically sells for roughly the price of a KN-62 (check current prices). The trade-off is that the KN-64 is a less powerful model than either the KN-62 or KN-62A. Both of the "62-series" DMEs transmit with 100 watts of power. The KN-64 is nominally rated at 50 watts. However, KN-64s often exceed this rating, and many pilots find that the KN-64 offers all the power they need. Since it matches good performance with a lower price, the KN-64 is popular choice among our customers.

King's KN-64 is capable of providing DME information for all 200 NAV channels. The KN-64 has an external channeling capability, allowing it to get the proper NAV channel from your existing NAV Receiver. You may also tune the KN-64 directly. This feature lets you monitor your position relative to other VORs, while still navigating toward the primary VOR station.

The KN-64's display will simultaneously show distance, groundspeed, and time-to-station. This is King's standard gas discharge display, which will match the rest of your Silver Crown radio stack.

The KN-64 also features:

  • All solid state design for reliability
  • 50 watts nominal transmit power