Bendix/King KMD 250 MFD 066-04036-0201 with Tray and Connector

  • $650.00

The KMD 250 Multi-Function Display is part of the Bendix/King Integrated Hazard Avoidance System (IHAS) family. With traffic and data link weather capabilities, this 3-inch-high moving map display with terrain and an optional internal VFR GPS is an ideal safety solution for any General Aviation aircraft. It features a sharp 3.8-inch-diagonal active matrix liquid crystal display (AMLCD). Available withAmericas,Atlantic or Pacific database. 



  • Data link weather (FIS): KDR 510
  • L-3 Stormscope: WX-500, WX-1000E


  • TAS: KTA 870
  • TIS: KT 73
  • TCAS: KTA 970, CAS 66A, CAS 67A TCAS II
  • L-3 Skywatch
  • Ryan 9900BX