Apollo GX55 GPS 430-6050-203 with Data Card and tray

  • $499.00

The Apollo GX55 has advanced GPS, sports a high resolution moving map display, and is TSO certified for enroute and terminal operations. Smart keys let you declutter or add waypoints, or edit flight plans with the touch of a button.

The best way to enhance situational awareness just got a lot clearer. The new Apollo GX55 features advanced GPS, certified performance and the best graphic moving map anywhere. A truly high resolution display delivers significantly higher resolution than other available units. The smart key interface lets you add or declutter waypoints, change scales, edit flight plans and more. If your are already an Apollo LORAN or Flybuddy owner, the picture just got better... the GX55 is pin compatible with your old unit, making installation a breeze. Even the antenna covers the same footprint of top-mounted LORAN antennas.